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The Sabotage RC Story

The idea behind SabotageRC was born in December 2016. But we took a good year to think this through and now we're finally ready to tackle a redefined mission statement in the RC industry. 


My name is Chris. Many years ago already, I founded Armattan Quads.  A few years later, I co-founded Armattan Productions with my wife, Natasha. 


FPV as a hobby is not exactly cheap. Things always break when you fly them into the ground at high speed. No one will deny that. But also, things are not going all that well in the world today. A lot of people struggle to balance work, hobbies and family while trying to make ends meet. In fact, for a lot of people, flying RC quads is simply not in the cards... This is a telling tale that there's a need in this industry for genuine, affordable gear. This is where SabotageRc comes in.


We are taking certain steps and we are piggy-backing onto Armattan's already established resources, infrastructures and team players to bring about a new alternative to those who require affordable options to stay in the air. 


Our designs are clever and cost effective. Unlike Armattan Quads, Sabotage RC's models do not come with a lifetime warranty. This allows us to remodel our pricing structure dramatically. The result is a solid alternative for pilots on a budget. 


Lastly, SabotageRC is a sister site to Armattan Quads, and as such, you can expect the same industry-leading support. Make no compromises. You wanted top notch support, quality gear and better prices? Well now you found us. Glad you did. :)


Batten down the hatches! 


Happy Flying! 

Chris Leroux

Founder, SabotageRC