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Frigate Class Vessels


The Frigate frame was designed to support bigger, heavier motors. While the Mongoose focuses on lightweight durability with separate ESC’s, the Frigate focuses on sheer power and 4in1 ESC’s. Along with the beefier design comes the ability to introduce longer arms. The 5” Frigate sticks with 4mm thick arms that are 11mm wide at the narrowest point. The 6” and 7” Frigate also have 4mm thick arms that are 13mm and 15mm wide respectively. The 6 and 7 arms also have a larger motor mounting base to protect those big 24xx and 25xx motors. The 5” arms are capable of squeezing in 5.5” props with 0.5mm clearance to the top plate. Do this at your own risk or file off the front corner of the top plate for more clearance. The Frigate uses the same camera mount posts as the Mongoose, but they are swiveled by 180 deg so that the mounting point is on the front of the standoff, instead of the back. The 5” has 24mm available for your stack. The 6 and 7 have 25mm available. The base plate and top plate are shared with all models of the Frigate. It supports 20mm 24mm, or 30.5mm stacks on the 3mm thick main plate.


Frigate 6 and 7 arms are not symmetrical. They curve slightly outwards. If arms are installed upside down, props come extremely close to touching each other